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  1. Why FandomsAndFeminism is Full of Shit


    Ok, link to the original post where FAF said:

    Some people have an issue applying the Mako Mori test to white women, and ALL the women in this film ARE white. BUT I don’t think the movie passes regardless. Natasha…sort of kind of has a narrative arc (About her relationship with her job and how she approaches other people) but it’s pretty minor in my opinion.

    Soooo… she called POC ‘some people’ (which she was like ‘some white people and some POC’ which the white people don’t matter because they’re not authorities on this shit) and also said the test shouldn’t apply to white women, BUT went ahead and applied it to white women anyways! This is a prime example of ‘I’m not going to be racist, but…..’ because this is. This is very racist. I don’t care if she said ‘regardless’ because she still fucking applied it to Natasha WHO IS WHITE.

    So of course, I reblogged it and told her to fucking stop because she’s white and is using a WOC test on a white woman. FAF ignored this (and my reply ‘'some people have an issue'???? how about 'a good number of woc so i'm not gonna do it'????’) and continued to reblog whiny anti-feminist babies instead.

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  2. acceber74:

    BBC bans all-male panels on comedy shows such as QI and Mock the Week




    why is no one talking about this

    Fucking finally

    don’t look at the comment section sweet jesus please save yourself

It’s you!

It’s you!
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    It’s you!

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  4. "Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it."

     - Bruce Lee
  5. Fact: Everyone is allowed to have opinions.

    Fact: No one’s opinion is above criticism.

  6. A good apology is two things: 1. Admiting you were wrong 2. Saying you’re sorry

    Do not try to include anything else. Apologies are not about you. They are about the person you’ve hurt. If you catch yourself defending yourself or blaming the person you hurt, stop. You’re doing it wrong.

  7. You have fucked up, and you will fuck up again.

  8. Never ever ever ever read the comments on a youtube video.


  9. I will never get over how many people think it’s more OK to get angry at someone for pointing out racism than it is to be angry that people are being racist.

  10. Dear Sherlock fans who keep coming into the Elementary tag and telling everyone to play nice,

    You seem like good people; your intentions seem good. However, you are not helping anything at all.

    If you want to help the situation between these two fandoms, stop telling Elementary fans to calm down and start telling your fellow Sherlock fans to stop tagging their hate.

    I’m sick of people saying Elementary fans are overreacting. Pointing out racism/sexism/classism/etc and trying to keep hate out of the Elementary tag are in no way the same as starting and perpetuating it. And if you are angrier at the Elementary fandom for the defense of Elementary than you are at the Sherlock fandom for all the racist/sexist/classist/etc hate that they have posted and continue to post in the tag, you really need to reexamine your priorities.